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Yes, there is a better way for you and your clients to grow.

The technologies, tools, knowledge, and a hands-on partnership that help your business get more done, create happier clients, and grow profitably.

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What Do Your Clients Really Want from Your Company?

('s more than just the products and services you deliver every day.)

If you and your clients are like most of us, you're probably trying to overcome some of these common challenges.

too little time
too many choices
too much information
not enough cash or customers
being less productive than you would like to be
fear of being left behind
continuous need to learn and stay competitive
immediate/urgent demands from clients and team members
not enough time to focus on the big vision
"I know what I need to do. I just don't know how."
lack of quiet thinking time

"There has to be a better way", you say.


Working Together at Collaboration Studio B is the Better Way

Discover untapped opportunities. Create profitable growth solutions.


Data Becomes Useful

Turn information overload into practical actions your clients can take right away.

The good news is we do the heavy lifting for you.


Tell Me What I Need To Know Before I Ask

The Collaboration Studio listens, collects, organizes and delivers the right information in easy-to-digest bites your clients will appreciate.


Explain the Concepts You Understand and I Don't

We help you translate and explain technical concepts into understandable knowledge your client can use.


Show Me If I'm Winning or Losing Today

A suite of smart collaborative business tools including easy-to-understand financial calculators, customized onboarding, actionable to-dos with automatic follow-up, checklists, idea triage, discovery templates, and much more.


Think Like Your Customer

Hearing what clients are thinking can be eye-opening.

Actively engaging in conversations with all of the collaboration network at the same time creates undiscovered opportunities.


Understand My Long-Term Goals. Work With Me To Achieve Them.

The typical client interaction is a specific one-to-one email, call or occasionally in-person.

When continuous conversations happen, the potential for uncovering big ideas in unexpected ways is unlimited.


Getting Started Won't Feel Like One More Thing On Your To Do List

We understand that even the promise of profitable growth can feel like one more big time commitment.

We're here to make getting started easy for you.


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  Build the Plan


  See the Results

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Collaboration Makes Every Business Relationship Just a Little Better

More time to listen. Implement profitable new growth opportunities together.

Why Collaboration Builds Growth

Get started with only the tools and services your company needs now. Add more as you grow. It's that easy.

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