Create your customized suite of collaboration tools and services.

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Build the Collaborator's Suite tailored to meet your smart decision-making needs right now.

Toolkit Essentials

  • Private trusted advisors-clients communities
  • Invitation-only community membership
  • Community members unique resource sharing tools
  • Checklist library
  • Member-created content library
  • Build and share custom checklists
  • Create and deliver actionable growth ideas
  • Create and share FAQs
  • Custom content builder
  • Actionable progress dashboards
  • Business financial calculators
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • Innovation and new venture collaboration opportunities
  • Custom action alerts
  • Automatic action follow up
  • Contract expiration manager
  • Idea triage
  • 5 additional partner team members
  • Online roundtables
  • In-person roundtables
  • Dedicated knowledge creation team
  • Leader

    Partner $199/mo*

    Partner $69/mo*


    Data Discovery and Decisions

    Available for Leader and Growth subscribers. Discover the data analytics and decision making power of business-owned data. Create customized real-time analytics using both in-house and cloud-based data.

    Data integration is provided for leading third-party applications and data sources. Our simple pricing is based on the connections needed by each company.

    Additional Team Members

    $15/5 members/month

    How Your Subscription Works *

    Your partner subscription gives you unlimited access to all of the features included in your plan. You grow your exclusive community by inviting clients and other business partners to join.

    Each client is added to your billing account when you add him or her. The Collaboration Studio community then becomes a value-added benefit that you include in your client's service offerings.

    Partners invited to join your community receive an email invitation from you. There is no cost to you to invite other partners to join. When they accept your invitation, they not only become a member of your community but they also create another community of their own. Each partner has his or her own billing account.

    How We Help

    Business Partner-Client Collaboration Community
    Business Growth Strategy
    Data Strategy, Integration, Analytics
    Technology Strategy, Implementation, Support
    Technology Infrastructure
    Marketing Strategy, Planning, Implementation


    Business Financial Calculators


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